Art Space

We offer a key space for emerging artist and small businesses to grow their brand and build a customer base.


Music Space

We offer a space for Musicians to come and expose the best of their repertoire with a great audience. Everyone enjoy their live performance!


Shop Experience

A different shop experience that encourage locals and international visitors to return and support our small economy.

Wynwood Alley, a community of united artist that offer the best of their creativity and passion to the local and international visitors. The community started two years ago and has since then remain together at the same place. All this has been achieved with the constant support of Gallery 212 special gratitude to artist Michael Perez and publicist Caitlin Electra.

Come and see the creative side of South Florida every Saturday at 2407 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127. 

What We Offer

About Our Community


2268 NW 2nd Ave Miami FL 33127 

Wynwood Alley